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“2 Soon” Jon Young

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  1. avatar7 years ago
    Vanessa Aviles

    I lost my babydaddy two years ago by the gun, when I heard this song it hit me! I luv it keep doing what u doing! I luv your music!

  2. avatar7 years ago
    Jesse Bernal

    cant wait for the album I cant belive your not number 1 on itunes more people need to hear u bro awesome song keep it up.

  3. avatar7 years ago
    Jon Young

    I'm sorry to hear that. I've had a few friends pass that way and a family member. It's something you never really get over. But thank you for listening and for the luv on the new track!

  4. avatar7 years ago
    Jon Young

    Thanks! Maybe one day lol. As long as there are some people if only 1 that enjoy what I do then that's all that matters to me.

  5. avatar7 years ago
    Vanessa Aviles

    Thank you Jon young n your right about that I wouldn't say that time heals but I will say that it helps u cope. I luv all ur tracks I always listen to "it ain't over" "doing my thang" etc etc . Keep it up 🙂

  6. avatar7 years ago
    Jesse Bernal

    ive listend to u for so long every album and song haz just gotten better and better just dont stop doin it

  7. avatar7 years ago
    Josh Reese

    great song and I just got all 8 of your cds in the mail yesterday keep em coming.

  8. avatar7 years ago
    Josh Reese

    u need 2 get j cash on some more tracks also man.

  9. avatar7 years ago
    Jay Robinson Screwball

    Just had a mother pass away right before mothers day. This song means a lot to me and my family thanks bro.

  10. avatar7 years ago
    Bob Breunig

    what up bro, I lost my ant to drugs, she would always O.D. and then one day her body quit, ive been trying to save up money to buy Your CDs, but wen I listen to your tunes my son head bops to your stuff and says "i like that song daddy", jus thought ud like to know, lol.

  11. avatar7 years ago
    Derek Owens

    Man let me tell you Jon… You are the shit… You really put words where they go… There's not a song you have that I don't like… Keep up the work and hit me up with some of the ones you don't have out yet.

  12. avatar7 years ago
    Sand Ra

    Shout out to the beautiful lil angel Cayleee. this song is absolutely pic rally loveeee it <3

    Cant wait for the album ^^

  13. avatar7 years ago
    Brent Phillips

    jon you and my buddy should look up lil money aka tim gonzales hes young and a good singer to just look him up on my pag.

  14. avatar7 years ago
    Tim Gonzales

    LiL Money

  15. avatar7 years ago
    Trier Knieper

    I am in love with your songs! especially this one! your awesome! Just keep doing what your doing!

  16. avatar7 years ago
    Ethan Joel Jacques

    bro 2 soon is one of my favorite songs form any cousin was killed in Iraq five years ago and it's just tight to listen to this song..thaanks dude.

  17. avatar7 years ago
    Cloee Bradyy

    wats up this company didn't put they billling. I just got an IIIPPAAADDD, didnt pay. get yours! hurry be4 it is fixed.

  18. avatar7 years ago
    Craig Bohl

    Ive been jammin city I luv for years since like 05, I'm glad I checked around and found you still recording man. Love the new stuff come to West Palm and do a show!

  19. avatar6 years ago
    Johnathan Gavin Williams

    I love this song I'm sorry for everyone's losses but keep up the hard work J Young and don't ever give up on what you dream I have heard every song by you and everyone gets better and better I am happy my friend showed me you.

  20. avatar6 years ago
    Sherre G Alfaro

    This song has brought peace to a lot of hurting hearts. It's a shane that we all have to learn one of life's toughest lessons. I play this song weelky in the remebrance of a couple dear family members I've lost that were way 2 young and taken 2 soon.. Thank you!

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