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Flash back to the late 90s. The turning point in music just before everything went completely digital and everyone you knew was a rapper or singer. Jon Young was just a kid from Orlando, Florida with a passion for hip hop which was introduced to him at an early age by a childhood friend. This passion inspired by artists like Outkast and Bone thugs n Harmony, combined with a love for writing, eventually led him to create music of his own.

Due to a lack of studio access and beat availability, Jon began learning the technical side of music from beat production and audio engineering to designing his own artwork & web sites all on his own. While most kids were focused on typical things like partying, Jon was determined to learn everything he could about producing his own music. Armed with only a hand me down Packard Bell computer and his older brothers 4-track recorder, Jon Young began to lay down his ideas, producing beats with software like Sony Sound Forge & Acid Pro.

As years went on, he began to excel at his craft just around the time social networking was beginning to take off. The new site Myspace was the perfect launching pad to get his music out to a potentially larger audience. In a matter of a few months, his name climbed to the top of the music charts off the strength of songs like “City I Luv,” “Don’t Wanna Fight” and “Doin My Thang.” His song concepts touched on subjects that were nearly unheard of at the time in hip hop like relationship issues, motivation and of course his hometown which had yet to be put on the map. No promotion was involved other than pure word of mouth, a truly viral success.

At this point, Jon had yet to prepare a full length release, the demand for it forced him to quickly compile the songs he had recorded into a self pressed album titled “City I Luv,” named after his then most popular track. Hundreds of copies were sold hand to hand, through his web site and at numerous outlets in Central Florida such as Magic Mall, J Mart and Flea World.

Following the first CD came “Slept On,” a group album with friend and collaborator J. Cash. Things only grew to a larger scale with singles like “Just Chill” and “Listen to Your Heart.” These two releases caught the attention of several A&Rs from labels like Atlantic Records and Universal/Fontanta. They settled on a deal offered by Defient Entertainment, a new label under the parent company Warner Music. The contract was signed in early 2007 and followed immediately by a studio session at The Hit Factory in Miami, FL to record their first major single “Post Up” featuring Baton Rouge emcee Lil Boosie. A slew of promotions rolled out including a cameo in DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” music video, write ups in Ozone Magazine and performances in Dallas, Milwaukee and Miami, but things came to a halt due to irreconcilable differences between them and Defient.

Once control was regained, they took matters back into their own hands and released their material to iTunes and began booking their own shows. Since then they have performed all over Florida as well as Kanas City, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, The Quad Cities and throughout Iowa thanks to a relationship built with Clinton, Iowa emcee Skeez from Inside Out Entertainment.

Over the past several years, Jon Young & J. Cash have experienced numerous ups & downs in music but have retained a solid following by steadily releasing new material & music videos and by maintaining personal connections with listeners. In 2011, Jon Young’s remix of “If I Die Young,” retitled “2 Soon,” surpassed 1 million views on YouTube with their channel receiving over 3 million total views and millions more on fan-made videos of their songs. It’s obvious support for their music still exists, and with a legacy spanning nearly 10 years in an industry where many artists never make it past a year there’s no denying the impact they’ve made on the next crop of aspiring rap artists especially in their hometown of Orlando, FL. To this day they still reign as the highest selling independent hip hop artists in the city.

  1. avatar5 years ago

    lovin the music

  2. avatar5 years ago

    that song listen to u heart lindsey thats for you babygirl

  3. avatar5 years ago

    dang ya both look hot

  4. avatar5 years ago

    what up its Flor’s boy in wick city

  5. avatar5 years ago
    ya boi michael

    love dis song real talk

  6. avatar4 years ago
    Kaeli Woodward

    Damnn you fineee hit me up :)

  7. avatar4 years ago
    Kaeli Woodward

    Im on facebook and i look fly hit me up booo <3

  8. avatar4 years ago

    Cant Wait For The Next Album Ya’LL “Rejunivated”

  9. avatar4 years ago

    I Love Yalls Music It Is Da Shit ….. Nd U Both R Hella Sexi Jus Keep The Music Comn We Love Yall

  10. avatar4 years ago

    A friend of mine introduced me to your music, and just wanted to say i fell in love with it. Your really talanted..
    keep it up…

  11. avatar4 years ago

    When does the tour kick off i want to see you in person ur music is fuckin awesome

  12. avatar4 years ago

    Love the music!

    ~ Detroit Michigan ~

  13. avatar3 years ago

    ey ur music is badass i love just chill and so much more!

  14. avatar3 years ago

    hey, i met you in the west oaks mall back in 2008 in the store anchor blue, and i still have the picture. i moved to boston and people know you up here! its crazy. your music brings me back to memories with friends when i lived in orlando. thanks for the memories :)

  15. avatar3 years ago
    daron franklin

    man you music is the shit i olove that shit man you guys are doin your thing i wished i lived in orlando do be down with you guys but keep on doin what your doin you guys are hella good i like the music

  16. avatar3 years ago

    ay homie, music is dope! keep your flow tight

  17. avatar3 years ago
    bryce imel

    ay i seen on youtube that you was in kansas! well i mean in 09, i wish i woulda kown your music back then or i woulda went to go see your show.. but your music great and keep producing cause you’ll mae it one day :)

  18. avatar3 years ago
    Jonathon Biddle

    half of a rappers rep is how he was brought up, I'm only seeing how the group started, I was hoping for a bio…

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    Fallon Warren


  20. avatar2 years ago
    Christina Drummond

    I love his music…

  21. avatar2 years ago
    Rosalinda Longoria

    Man wish Jon young and J. c ash would come closer into des moines instead of Iowa city please come into des Moines love the music

  22. avatar2 years ago
    Elisha Cusson


  23. avatar2 years ago
    Amber Lynn Comer


  24. avatar2 years ago
    Bell Munoz

    I'M MOVIN' TO ORLANDO SOON, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUUUUU AHHH. :D I tell everyone at home that before I die, Jon Young is who I have to see, lmao. J Cash and Skeez too! :D

  25. avatar2 years ago
    Kaylee Vorase


  26. avatar2 years ago
    Shawnna Blacke-mcclain

    Keep doin ur thang ryan I remember when u was in ur dass house startin up and me and ur step brother micheal would watch ya maybe me and u will do a track togeather again like in 2005

  27. avatar2 years ago
    Justin Kirby

    I got that City I luv Cd back in 05 bought it off myspace. He sent me an autographed copy of. Jon young one day your going to make it big keep doin your thing bro. Nothin but love for ya.

  28. avatar1 year ago

    Jon young love your music and u sexy as hell

  29. avatar1 year ago
    George gLm

    your guys’ music bad ass i am a rapper 2 i just released my new song also i wish you guys the best of luck on your tours and sales hope to see you guys some day in person

  30. avatar1 year ago

    I see nobodys posted in a long damn time so I just wanna say I was born and raised in the O, heard about u a few years ago & we still feelin’ ya! Do ya thang boi!

  31. avatar6 months ago
    lil b wyte

    I need to get in the biz bro if I send music to u will u listen to it?

  32. avatar5 months ago
    Keyawna lashe

    I love your remix on if I die young. It’s amazing :)

  33. avatar4 months ago

    Does he still live in Florida?

  34. avatar4 months ago
    Deborah Gee

    OMG i Love you Jon Young. I’ve been a fan Since the first time i heard “Just Chill” Keep Doing your thing. i live all the way in Springfield Ma. & One day ill go down to FL To see you & J.Cash. Keep It Up!!

  35. avatar2 months ago
    William Cranford

    City I love! Good song!

  36. avatar4 weeks ago
    Allison W

    Whats the song that has the dukes of hazzard theme song in it?

  37. avatar1 week ago

    Macklemore is independent. and you’re most definitely never going to outsell them in any city anywhere haha. Fix bio

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