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Sky Skrapin’ Entertainment
P.O. Box 161285
Altamonte Springs, FL 32716

  1. avatar5 years ago
    Jeoffrey Salenga

    hi, i purchased the winter sale 5 cds for $35 from your guys page. i was just wondering if the transaction went through? im a big fan of jon young and i cant wait to get my cds in the mail. so if u could please get back at me on when they are being shipped id appreciate it very much, thanks for your time.


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  3. avatar5 years ago
    Da Realist

    yoo .. Jon Young .. J Cash … Really awesome .. you guys are getting better all time … doing very WELL .. hope to do a hit single with yall sooon !!..

  4. avatar4 years ago

    DAyMMMnnn babyy; you is F I N E:)) haha hit me up on facebook; i bee lookin fly as hell:)you know;
    heres my addy for facebook.
    Kayla Nichol

  5. avatar3 years ago
    james borg

    hey whats up jon young this is james im from spokane washington and trying to get ur music heard down here

  6. avatar3 years ago
    germalita teller

    luv your songs alot. My favorite one is Who Knew, and enough

  7. avatar3 years ago
    jake hansen

    1. Was rapping always what you wanted to be when you grew up or did you want to be something else?
    2. What were your mom and dad like growing up?
    3. Did you ever think that u would be famous?
    4. What inspires you to go on day by day besides your music?
    5. What is your favorite color?
    6. What is your favorite movie?
    7. Who was your first crush?
    8. What is your favorite meal to eat?
    9. If you could have any car what would it be and why.
    10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
    11. If you could be the president of the USA would you why or why not.

    can you answer these for my skool project please and email the answers to me thank you

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  9. avatar3 years ago
    Albert Nash

    407 4 lyfe.

  10. avatar3 years ago
    Kevin Slp Sand

    your music is the real deal.

  11. avatar3 years ago
    Jake Hines


  12. avatar2 years ago
    Fallon Warren

    do u perform at skype in ybor?

  13. avatar2 years ago
    Fallon Warren


  14. avatar2 years ago
    Angelica Muffick

    You should seriously consider coming up to Illinois, I know this state blows right now but sooo many fans! We would die if we ever got to see one of your shows, Jacksvonville, Il! <3

  15. avatar2 years ago
    Abbie Malesa

    OMG. I've listened to you music for about 5 years now, and just moved to orlando about a year ago, buttt I just had an epiphany tonight.. I had "take a chance on me" stuck in my head for like 2 hours when I realized that "saw you just the other day up at west oaks" was referring to my favorite mall, west oaks! Now everytime I go there, your song will be playing in my head all damn day! :p

  16. avatar2 years ago
    Jon Young

    Fallon Warren Nah i never performed in Tampa before. I need 2 tho!

  17. avatar2 years ago
    Jason GraFidzinc Dunaway

    man how do I get a couple of cd's with your autograph on them ill pay 4 it please let me kno how I can get that?

  18. avatar2 years ago
    Jon Young

    lol yup. Im in altamonte mall more often now tho, always moving around!

  19. avatar2 years ago
    Jon Young

    i do mail orders too. JON YOUNG MUSIC PO BOX 161285 Altamonte Springs, FL 32716 $10 for one CD or 2 for $15.

  20. avatar2 years ago
    William Whalen

    I'm a fan of your music bro! Do you sell beats?

  21. avatar2 years ago
    Steven Hood

    Aye wad up man Ive been a fan for years now n I'm tryin to get my foot in the door of the rap game. Been in Florida my whole life n love that you rep your local area. Id love to do a colaboration with you n I'm dead serious. If you want to talk more my number is 386-237-2836.

  22. avatar2 years ago
    Ryan Maroney

    Hey man I'm out in Clermont and about to move back east to Lake Mary. I'm trying to get together with some local artists of different genres to colab on some music. Holla at me if you'd be up to doing something like that. I'm also trying to start a little festival thing over in the Altemont, Longwood, and Lake Mary area.

  23. avatar2 years ago
    K Gutta Bra

    hey jon young I live in the orlando area and were just trying to represent the 407 so I was wondering if u can take the time 2 make a song with us u can contact me at if your interested if u want we can send u a demo of some of the songz we made or u can check us out on youtube at therealjettson.

  24. avatar1 year ago
    james borg

    jon young hit me up

  25. avatar12 months ago

    jon young mane yall the best ever in the rap game when is yall gunna come to memphis tn

  26. avatar6 months ago
    Rich Malton

    Hey Peeps! Hip Hop Conference @ Orange County Convention Center (Sunday Nov 17th) West Hall C. 4pm.

  27. avatar4 months ago

    Jon Young and J. Cash what are you guys doing now? anyone know

  28. avatar3 months ago

    You should definitely consider coming up to Grand Forks, North Dakota!. I’m a huge fan and would love to go to one of you concerts!!…

    An you should also YouTube my home jkush!. Look up: jkush budz 4lyfe. He’s a legit freestyler!:p

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