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Jon Young “Let Her Go”

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  1. avatar4 years ago

    I love this song , Alway’s making hit’s (:

  2. avatar4 years ago
    Bill Brown

    Good music here

  3. avatar4 years ago

    Love it and love your music Jon!

  4. avatar4 years ago

    Love your music!!! Great job with this song. Your music has helped m through so much… So glad I found you.

  5. avatar4 years ago

    Sick, as always, drop a disc so I can drop you some cash.

  6. avatar4 years ago
    Joey Slifer

    Your musics getting worse & worse thats all I gotta say.

    All ur gettn better @ is stealing other ppls work.

    Good job on finding this beat on some1 elses cd.

  7. avatar4 years ago

    Not sure why joe silfer needs to be a hater. My sons the same age…. Slows your roll for sure. Missing that 90’s rap too, looking forward to the next drop.

  8. avatar4 years ago
    John Conkle

    Don’t like it don’t listen to it fool!! These are some sick azz beats yo keep it up

  9. avatar4 years ago

    Where can I get this as a ringtone

  10. avatar4 years ago

    I want this song i lov it.

  11. avatar4 years ago
    Yung Ric

    Miss hearing your music man, where are you?

  12. avatar4 years ago

    I’ve been listening to ur music for years now and it just keeps getting better and better !! I love ur music ..

  13. avatar4 years ago
    Billy Watkins

    sick ride sick tracks keep them coming.

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