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“Since I Met You” Jon Young “All My Life” K-Ci & Jo Jo Remix

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  1. avatar6 years ago
    Steven Diaz

    omg this is how I fell about my girl for 6 years dude u take the words and feelings out my mouth n heart and put in songs bro u goos keep up the great work me and my girl love you along with other fans 407 foeva Orlando baby.

  2. avatar6 years ago
    James Wiley

    I don't download free stuff don't want viruses on my computer sorry but ill get it when its on itunes.

  3. avatar6 years ago
    Michael Judd

    wow what a great song man! made me speechless man fo real.

  4. avatar6 years ago
    Jon Young

    i dont blame ya! If u change ur mind get it from SoundCloud. It's a reputable company that all major artists use.

  5. avatar6 years ago
    Aida Maldonado

    love it!

  6. avatar6 years ago
    Jacqueline Leigh Danner

    I love love love this song it putd everything I am feeling in to words thanks keep up the great work for real.

  7. avatar6 years ago
    Veronica Jaydensmama

    Jon Young it reached its download limit on soundcloud already :/

  8. avatar6 years ago
    Nicole Howard-Monte

    Great song 🙂

  9. avatar6 years ago
    Mike Sonntag

    Just so surprised that you haven't made it big jon young I been following your stuff since you hit it off pretty good few years back when city I luv came out. I still see alot of potential. You got people like Justin Bieber…then you not. Doesn't make sense. Hope it does one day for you.

  10. avatar5 years ago
    Liljoe Qsai Yungtuffz

    jon young, im 1 of ya biggest fan..its realy awesome.

  11. avatar5 years ago
    Amanda Hohn


  12. avatar4 years ago
    Katrina Wetzel

    When I first heard this song it was like WOW he new how I felt about Teller my husband. now if I can only find it on iTunes I t will make my day

  13. avatar3 years ago

    Dang still bumping ur music like it’s brand new haven been since da MySpace days back in 05 n 06

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