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Jon Young “Sky Skraper” Feat. Troublesome of Down Bottom


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  1. avatar3 years ago

    So what’s up? You ready for some real shit Jon?
    Hit you up before and no response.

  2. avatar3 years ago
    Jon Young

    Who’s this?

  3. avatar3 years ago
    Chasi Shelite

    Hey Jon your music is soo amazing I’ve been listening to it for years about 8 to be exact you are amazing keep it up …..I don’t understand why you haven’t made it big yet.. ….I want to see you perform so bad 🙁 love you loads.. …one of your biggest fans


  4. avatar3 years ago
    colleen carpenter

    <3 it

  5. avatar3 years ago
    Wes Soto

    Another good track to add to your list of hits that will definitely make you be remembered as one of the greats in your city and of course around the world. ^_^

    But now that I got the compliment out of the way lol, I know this might sound really picky of me yet can you add the song to your youtube account too xD. That might sound real silly Jon, and maybe I’m the only fan who thinks this way haha…but I don’t use sound cloud and don’t like how it works when you share it because you can’t add certain other features.

    I wanted to share it under youtube instead but saw it wasn’t there =(, if there is an issue if you upload it there that than its fine bro. I’m sure you got understandable reasons too. Again just being really picky lol, the song is great just want other ways to share and listen to it even though I did download it to my mp3 already.

    Regardless keep up the great work, and when are you and J.Cash going to make another song like “HomeBoyz Sister.” I’ve been waiting for part 2 for hecka long LOL. I’m just kidding, I don’t think your wife would like that but damn that was a classic with so many others. ^____^

  6. avatar3 years ago

    Your music is awesome. Reppin 405 oklahoma you need new music bro.

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